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Apartment Service Center

(1) To undertake the daily property services of student apartments, and to assist the SASA and the Student Works Department in the allocation of student apartments and the accommodation arrangement of students respectively;

(2) To undertake the management and maintenance of all public facilities, equipment, school property and furniture in the student apartment area;

(3) To undertake the environmental hygiene and cleaning of public places in student apartments;

(4) To undertake the related work of repairing and repairing the student apartment area sporadically;

(5) Assist in fire control, safety, security and order management in student apartment areas;

(6) To undertake the distribution of daily necessities and bedding washing services in student apartments;

(7) Complete other tasks assigned by the head of the branch (group).

Office Director: Liu Bo

Office Telephone: 88780708

Office Location: Room 101 on the east side of 2 blocks in Area B of Student Apartment

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