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Human Resources Management Section

(1) Drafting medium- and long-term plans for the construction and management of human resources and determining annual employment plans;

(2) Drafting human resources management rules and regulations;

(3) To be responsible for the recruitment of labor workers, the signing of labor contracts and the management of social security, salaries and benefits, and personnel files;

(4) Complete daily personnel and labor affairs;

(5) Compiling and completing various kinds of labor statistics;

(6) Strengthen the management of staff education and training;

(7) Performing management and service of personnel, labor, social security, personnel files, retirement confirmation and certification of large collective personnel on behalf of schools;

(8) Be responsible for handling labor disputes and disputes;

(9) Complete other tasks assigned by the head of the branch (group).

Chief of Office: Yuyadong

Office Telephone: 88795510

Office Location: Room 215, Logistics Office Building, Gongjiang North Road

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