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Integrated Office

The integrated office is the integrated Department of the Logistics Management Office (Logistics Service Group), which is responsible for Party affairs, administration, secretarial affairs, publicity, outreach, reception, information and comprehensive affairs. Specific responsibilities:

(1) To assist the head of the office (group) in handling daily affairs;

(2) To be responsible for comprehensive coordination, information communication and decision-making consultation;

(3) Establishing and perfecting various rules and regulations, supervising and inspecting the implementation of work plans, deployment decisions and rules and regulations;

(4) To be responsible for drafting work plans, work summaries, various documents and related written reports;

(5) The circulation of official documents inside and outside the processing office (group);

(6) To be responsible for the management of seals and archives;

(7) Responsible for conference affairs, reception, publicity and other work;

(8) Coordinating the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of logistics informatization;

(9) To be responsible for the construction of website network and the maintenance and management of Wechat public numbers;

(10) Complete other tasks assigned by the head of the branch (group).

Office Director: Wang Lei

Office Telephone: 88780057

Office Location: Room 204, Logistics Office Building, Gongjiang North Road

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