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Property Service Center

(1) To undertake the real estate services of school office buildings, teaching laboratory buildings, teaching dormitories and other related buildings;

(2) To undertake the property services and logistical management of Mengxi Campus and Zhongshan Campus, such as security, greening and maintenance, road hygiene, etc.

(3) To undertake cleaning work in the family area of Zhongshan Campus;

(4) To undertake the property services of students'apartments and teaching laboratory buildings in Beigu Campus;

(5) To undertake bathroom operation and service management in Mengxi Campus, Zhongshan Campus and Beigu Campus;

(6) To be responsible for the rental management of school operating housing;

(7) To undertake the daily mail service of the school (excluding express delivery), and to subscribe and distribute newspapers and magazines on behalf of the school;

(8) Complete other tasks assigned by the head of the branch (group).

Chief of Office: Qiu Jianzhong

Office Telephone: 88780329

Office Location: Room 110 on the east side of 3 blocks in Area B of Student Apartment

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