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Notes on Registration of Overseas Students'Accommodation

I. Registration of Temporary Accommodation

Foreign students should register at the front desk of their apartments within 24 hours of arrival in China in accordance with the law. The receptionist in the front desk of the apartment will register the student according to the original student's passport and the student's admission notice.

II. Processing Residence Permit for the First Time

Overseas students who study in China for a period of one year or more need to apply for a residence permit. Students can enter and leave the country many times within the validity period of the residence permit.

After entering the country with an x-study visa, the validity period of the visa is 30 days. Students must obtain the Application Form for Alien Visa Certificate and the List of Visa Materials within 30 days after entering the country, pay the accommodation fee, obtain the signature of the apartment administrator and apply for residence permit at the Overseas Education Institute.

3. Extension of residence permit.

After the expiration of the residence permit, it is necessary to continue studying in China, and to go through the extension procedure of the residence permit. The specific steps are the same as the first residence permit.

Overseas Apartments

September 1, 2015

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