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Department responsibilities

The Logistics Management Department of Jiangsu University (Logistics Service Group) co-operated in April 2017. Under the leadership of Party committees and administrations in schools, they perform the duties of logistics management, service, coordination and planning. Its specific responsibilities are as follows:

1. According to the needs of the development of school undertakings, the medium-term and long-term planning of school logistics support should be formulated.

2. Sign various logistic service agreements and contracts on behalf of the school, and inspect and supervise the implementation.

3. Be responsible for submitting the annual renovation plan to the school and organizing the implementation after the school's approval.

4. Responsible for school energy planning and management and energy conservation and emission reduction.

5. To be responsible for the bidding of materials and renovation works within the scope authorized by the school.

6. Responsible for school catering, bathing, student apartment property, campus greening and cleaning, related buildings and single-school dormitories, family property services, transportation services, printing, conference services, early childhood education services.

7. To coordinate the relationship between school logistics and relevant government departments.

8. Complete other tasks assigned by the school.

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