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Finance And Asset Management Section

(1) Responsible for logistics financial management, accounting, accounting supervision and related financial services;

(2) Preparing departmental budgets reasonably according to requirements and supervising and controlling the budget implementation process;

(3) Conduct financial analysis periodically or irregularly according to management needs;

(4) To organize income according to law, strengthen the management of fees and charges, and provide financial guarantee for the smooth development of the work of the Security Department (Group);

(5) To be responsible for the management of state-owned assets within the branch (group);

(6) To be responsible for the daily operation of the financial affairs of the branch (group);

(7) Complete other tasks assigned by the head of the branch (group).

Office Director: Li Yuhui

Office Telephone: 88797448

Office Location: Room 111, Logistics Office Building, Gongjiang North Road

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